Perforated Con / Tube

We manufacture premium quality perforated tube and perforated con used in different textile industries for steaming and dying purposes. The bobbins are available in different shapes, sizes and color as per the requirement of the clients.

Technical Specifications :

Eccentricity: Variation in circularity on the diameter of the ring tube is known as eccentricity. Lower the eccentricity in ring tube, higher is its quality and performance.

WT: The wall thickness in ring tube near spindle button has maximum load. It is to be noted that higher wall thickness with low eccentricity is optimum for high speed ring frames.

Tube Clearance: The clearance between ring tube & spindle is called as tube clearance. We know that lower clearance results in lower eccentricity that further results in high working spindle speed. Tube clearance should be maintained in such a manner that it should withstand the contraction caused by winded yarn tube, for easy removal.

YRG: A small step groove is provided in the bottom hole of the ring tube, which accommodates the yarn on the spindle and avoids tube Jamming.

Angle of Pull: The angle of pull depends upon the ring diameter and tube diameter.


Perforated Cone and Tube

Perforated Cone and Tube

Textile Plastic  Perforated tubes

Textile Plastic Perforated tubes


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we are manufacturing TFO Roll, TFO bobin,Y Con, Pineapple cone, Sequence CD, Texturising tube & all type of plastic bobbins and reel, used in all type of yarn, thread, embriodery threads, elastics. Also doing jobwork as per your requirement

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